10 Ways to Build Resilience Like Jennifer Lawrence

Learn some ways to build resilience like Jennifer Lawrence, or Katniss Everdeen if you are a fan of her
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Are you familiar with the name Jennifer Lawrence? She is an actress who stars in the Hunger Games movie franchise as Katniss Everdeen. Not only is she famous for her on-screen roles, she is also popular because she is resilient. She always bounces back from tough situations and avoids becoming a victim of helplessness.

Learn some ways to build resilience like Jennifer Lawrence, or Katniss Everdeen if you are a fan of her

Below are 10 ways to build resilience like Jennifer Lawrence that you can learn.

1. Be good at what you do

It would be easy to dislike Jennifer Lawrence if she was nothing but a pretty face. She is, however, undoubtedly talented. She is very good at bringing her characters alive and juggling roles with various personalities. She has already been nominated the Best Actress twice for Academy awards at the age of 22. You should use your talent to make you stand out like she does with hers.

2. Be who you are

As a kid, Jennifer Lawrence played softball, field hockey and basketball. She was too rough during her pre-school time that her teachers would not allow her to play with the girls. Instead, she rode horses. In high school, she was a cheerleader and a straight-A student. She graduated two years early and didn’t mind when she was voted as the “Most Talkative”. While other movie actors usually try to paint themselves as flawless, she does not censor herself merely to make the press happy.

3. Be self-aware

Jennifer Lawrence has always been very self-aware of her being a role model and an actress. She deflects concerns and questions about her weight. She was aware that Katniss Everdeen character would be a role model to many young girls, so she kept the character at a healthy, not super-thin size. You should also be self-aware of your present condition and start making improvements from there.

4. Be a normal you

In spite of her fame, Jennifer Lawrence is just a normal human being. She never conceals the fact that she loves the 1990s movies, TV reality show and eating. Unlike most actresses who would shy away from speaking about food, she told Ryan Seacrest openly on the red carpet that she was starving. You should also be a normal you because that makes you unique.

5. Dare to try something new

When Jennifer Lawrence was growing up, she never joined any formal acting class or enrolled in the school drama program. While she was working as a nurse at the summer camp managed by her mother, she tried out performing in local theaters. She remembered playing a nine-year-old prostitute in one of her very early performances.

6. Dare to show your potential

Jennifer Lawrence wanted to show that she could appear to be feminine and sexy instead of tomboyish. She thus wore her red Oscar dress, which certainly showed her hotness. At about the same time, she posed nearly naked for a very revealing shoot with GQ. She believes that those chances that she took with her sexuality helped convince producers to get her a role as a character whose wardrobe is merely blue paint in the X-Men reboot.

7. Think before you act

Lawrence nearly turned down The Hunger Games, despite the fact that she was a fan of the book series. She took three days to think about the offer and got back to the producers. She was wise to think things over, and the first movie turned out to gross $408 million.

8. Willing to learn new things

In Winter’s Bone movie (2010), Lawrence played a character called Ree who could chop wood, fight and skin a squirrel. For her role, she learned all those three. You now know that she is really doing it when she kills a squirrel in the movie.

9. Willing to work hard

Lawrence practiced archery to become Katniss, the nimble hunter in The Hunger Games. Although she frequently jokes that she is lazy and likes to sit on her couch, Lawrence worked out twice a day to be in good physical shape for that role. She is willing to work hard and manages to take hard work easily,

10. Go with the flow

Lawrence was 14 and having a school break with her family when a New York photographer discovered her. So, instead of relaxing somewhere cozy, they went with the flow and ended up getting her an agent which opened her door to later become a movie star.

Put the 10 ways to build resilience into action now, because actions speak louder than word. For additional reading, you can read this article to see some mindsets that will hinder you from success. Any food for thought is welcomed.

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