100 Good New Year Resolution Ideas For Your Inspiration

Good New Year Resolution Ideas - Relationship between people
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Many people find new year special since lots of gifts are going to be exchanged. There are many ways to give yourself and the ones you love new year presents but integrating good new year resolution ideas into the gifts seems like a wise idea.

I have written an article here about how you can write a good new year resolution. You can type the resolutions on a paper with a font style and size that look attractive. You need to think of resolution ideas which are ideal for yourself or the person you intend to give to. The wish list should be placed in a lovely picture frame so that it could be put in a strategic spot at home to work as a reminder.

Are You in A Confusion for Coming Up with Good New Year Resolution Ideas?

Worry not, my friend. Behold the list of 100 ideas as inspiration for you to write some good new year resolutions:

* Relationships Resolution

Good New Year Resolution Ideas - Relationship between people

Via Santabanta.com

  1. Become a more attentive friend, spouse or parent.
  2. Hang out with the ones you love more often.
  3. Meet or say hello to an old friend through his/her social media/messenger
  4. Stop annoying your friend with game request in his/her timeline at Facebook.
  5. Get your friend to laugh together everytime you chat.
  6. Become more supportive of your kid’s dreams.
  7. Connect with a relative that you do not see frequently.
  8. Have a family gathering once every week.
  9. Have night out with your spouse or partner one or more times per week.
  10. Visit your parent / grandparent’s house twice every month.
  11. Mend your broken relationship with an “ex-friend”.

* Business Resolution

Business Resolution Ideas

Via mosselbaychamber.co.za

  1. Start your own business
  2. Have a part-time job.
  3. Read more articles, news, and other sources related to your business.
  4. Find a friend or other who shares the same interest with you to start the business.
  5. Open a new branch of your restaurant/café/bar.
  6. Expand your business.
  7. Raise your income from business by 20% from this year.
  8. Start a new business apart from current business.
  9. Launch new brands.
  10. Expand your marketing activities (using social media, TV advertisement, etc) to reach wider audience.
  11. Stop or quit your business (if you have no more passion).

* Career Resolution

Career Resolution IdeasVia mywellnessbusiness.com.au

  1. Get a promotion in your career.
  2. Ask for a raise in your salary.
  3. Ask to switch your job with other people from other department.
  4. Learn to love your job.
  5. Quit your job if you fail with no. 4.
  6. Get a new job after doing no 5. and start again with no. 4.
  7. Break the circle of no. 4-5-6 by writing the business resolution.
  8. Increase your time management skill in your work.
  9. Raise your weekly target to challenge yourself.
  10. Manage the assignment among your team effectively.
  11. Read more blogs or articles about career enhancement.

* Health Resolution

Health Resolution Ideas

Via grouponwork.com

  1. Consume more vegetables and fruits every day. Make it a target to eat no less than 3.
  2. Join a fitness center and go a minimum of 3 times per week.
  3. Develop muscle. Keep in mind, every single pound of muscle uses up an additional 40 calories per day while resting.
  4. Get a regular medical check up.
  5. Quit or reduce smoking.
  6. Park further and take the stairs rather than the elevator.
  7. Sleep for 8 hours or more every night.
  8. Control your fatty food and sugar consumption.
  9. Run 30 minutes every Saturday and Sunday morning
  10. Push-up 15 times every day.
  11. Monitor your health resolution once a week

* Education Resolution

Education Resolution Ideas

Via advanced.jhu.edu

  1. 1. Learn a minimum of one new thing every single day.
  2. 2. Pursue a higher education.
  3. Start saving for paying of student loan.
  4. Get a minimum score of 90 or B in every test.
  5. Start looking for a scholarship program.
  6. Apply for scholarship program.
  7. Raise your GPA for the next and following semester.
  8. Switch to other major or college if you really think your current major is not suited with want you want to pursue in the future.
  9. Get into a member of student council.
  10. Be the next leader of a student body organization in your college.
  11. Buy some additional textbooks to increase your knowledge.

* Personal Finance Resolution

Personal Finance Resolution Ideas

Via media2.onsugar.com

  1. Save 10% or any other percentage of your earnings that you see fit.
  2. Buy less of unnecessary things.
  3. Make a savings plan to help you purchase something essential.
  4. Lower your expenses by doing things yourself instead of employing someone.
  5. Set a budget and adhere to it.
  6. Freeze your credit card if you are tempted easily to make more spending with it.
  7. Save your electricity, water, and telephone bills by reducing unneeded usage.
  8. Start looking for an insurance plan.
  9. Manage your income tax plan better.
  10. Start looking for investment in stock, gold, or properties.
  11. Prepare for your kid’s future education fund.

* Pleasure Resolution

Pleasure or Entertainment Resolution Ideas

Via guardianlv.com

  1. Have a number of vacations.
  2. Find a new pastime.
  3. Join a club or an organization.
  4. Meditate.
  5. Volunteer or contribute to some good cause or charity.
  6. Devote some time for yourself.
  7. Smile more frequently.
  8. Have health spa days.
  9. Watch a movie once a week.
  10. Watch the sunset / sunrise everyday (whatever you like more)
  11. Read good books.

* Weird / Bizarre Resolution (I found some when searching. It may give you some inspirations)

Weird and Bizarre Resolution Ideas

Via playbuzz.com

  1. Stop fancying donut with ice cream.
  2. Have less hairy nipples and armpits.
  3. Saying “Good Morning” to every person you met when walking to school.
  4. Stop using your dog as an excuse for your girlfriend/boyfriend.
  5. Stop worshipping the Edward Cullen – Bella Swan pair.
  6. Teach your parrot to scream “Thief” if an unknown person enter your house.
  7. Stop smoking… at school only.
  8. 640 x 320 (pixels)
  9. Not dying… because of overworked (maybe you want to check more on career resolution above)
  10. Discover why you woke up naked because you are 100% sure you have your clothes when you went to sleep.
  11. Use ‘duck face’ for every selfie you make.

* Miscellaneous (but some may be important to you).

Miscellaneous Business Ideas

Via kaigaifx.tk

  1. Keep your home, office and car cleaner.
  2. Swear less.
  3. Finish the things you started.
  4. Create a garden.
  5. Drive more calmly.
  6. Reduce watching television.
  7. Learn to set targets, write them down, and avoid mindsets that can make you fail.
  8. Reduce spending time in Facebook and Twitter (unless it is related to your job/business)
  9. Learn to wake up before snoozing your alarm 3 times or more.
  10. Look into what you want to achieve in your life.
  11. Think before speak.
  12. Visit my website every day or once a week :)

If You are Inspired, Then Do It!

You could select one or a combination of several good new year resolution ideas above. Take action and become a healthier, happier, and more content person. Start by writing several resolutions and you will feel your heart burning with motivation.

If you need another boost for your inspiration, try to read some inspirational books about success or watch some good inspirational movies in this holiday season. If you have some other ideas or you want to share your resolution here, do leave a comment below :)

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  1. Ian

    Nice article!

    I love how you structured this list, its very easy to find examples in various categories.

    I have made resolutions in the past but I couldn’t seem to keep them. Eventually I would forgetbthat I had made them in the first place

    Any advice on how to keep motivation going?

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Hi Ian, thanks for coming again. For starter, I always bring my piece of paper about my new year resolutoins in my wallet. It is somehow give you some motivation, because you ‘carry’ it everywhere.

      Another way to stay motivated is to make a goal tracking. If you find this too hard to maintain, try reading some news, article, or even just positive quotes as often as you can. It helps to boost your motivation (especially if you always come to this website :) )

      Good luck with your new year resolution.

  2. Tyler Redlev

    Hey really good resolutions! Actually i’m facing with kind of a little depression because of my life situation. My job is fine and prestigious kinda, but i’m not happy with the whole career path. I’m just a kid, i’m 22 and i want to become an animator. Currently i’m an engineer. Can you advise me anything? Because i loved your resolutions about carrer

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Hi Tyler. I kinda know that feeling. My previous job is also a prestigious one, but I’m not happy with it :) Glad to hear that you already know about what you want to be. You can see my reply to John below if you want to live with your passion. I wish you good luck with your new year resolutions :)

  3. Bob Brooks

    Great post with so many ideas, I never really wrote a resolution. I have written goals but your post opens my eyes to more ideas. Not just work or income goals, but increasing my awareness with family and friends. I am going to write a resolution and include many of the areas you posted. Great to help with self improvement.
    Great site that I will re-visit again and again. Thanks

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Hi Bob glad to hear it. New Year resolutions are indeed helpful with self improvement. I began to write it last year and it kept me motivated this whole year. Thanks and looking forward to your next visit :)

  4. John Rico

    Hi there! This new year I prefer your business resolution. I really wanted to start my own online business but I don’t know where to start. I already tried several programs before but nothing seems to work. Actually i want to have my own business because I really hate my job and I want to be my own boss. S do you have any recommendations that i could start on?

    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Hi John, that’s a good start :) I know that feeling and it already jotted into my new year resolution. You can try with owning a small side business that take less time to maintain, so you can still have a work-life balance.

      Alternatively, if you want a serious business right from the start with your passion or hobby as the foundation, you can read an article about how to do it by clicking here. Thanks for visiting and good luck with your new year resolutions :)


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