30 Ways to Make Money at Christmas. Start Now!

Chose any from the ways to make money at Christmas below and fill your piggy bank with profits!
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As I mentioned previously in my post here, one of the key factors to success is grabbing an opportunity in the right time. When we talking about business, seasonal events are similar with a diamond mine and you will need some ways to make money at Christmas, Chinese New Year, or other seasonal events.

Well, today inspirational lesson is again about grabbing the opportunity of trends. This time around, I will try to cover the nearest seasonal event, which is Christmas.

Chose any from the ways to make money at Christmas below and fill your piggy bank with profits!

Add more money to your Piggy Bank

People celebrate Christmas around the world and there are numerous exhilarating things that you could anticipate. Christmas presents, carols, and parties are among the things that make this holiday wonderful. Combined with the New Year event, this is a great opportunity for you to offer people the services and products they will require and get a reasonable profit at the same time.

I’m Sold. Please Show Me the Ways to Make Money at Christmas Now!

Without further ado, the following are 30 possible ways I’ve thought and compiled to use the Christmas and New Year event as a business idea for you to consider:

1. Pastries and cakes baking

Every party needs lots of pastries and cakes, so does Christmas party. They serve well as desserts. Christmas-themed cookies also sold well near Christmas.

2. Candy and chocolate business

Kids and some adults love candies and chocolates. They surely expect to have them on Christmas and Christmas trees.

3. Fruit stand

Some people want to have a fruit stand on their Christmas party. You can sell them different fruits for their fruit diet and fruit salad. Give special Christmas discount / offer to make the marketing stand out.

4. Soft drink, wines, beers retail business

Besides eating, people also drink. These beverages would be on a high demand for Christmas and New Year parties. Using Christmas discount is also a good way to raise the sales.

5. Food catering

People are very busy with their work nowadays. They will need a food catering service instead of cooking their own dishes for the Christmas or New Year parties.

6. Ice block making business

Christmas party will need ice blocks to keep the fruits and beverages cool. Ice blocks can also be carved to make beautiful ornaments on the food table. Give some hot deals or special offer to make your marketing stand out.

7. Christmas décor and craft business

You can sell candles, bells, tinsel, Christmas lights and Christmas trees. They make a great Christmas decor.

8. Christmas giveaways

Many companies give their customers and clients Christmas giveaways like t-shirts and jackets. You could sell those corporations their giveaway items with Christmas or New Year theme.

9. Personalized item business

You can sell people personalized gifts for Christmas. One good example would be a teddy bear with the recipient’s name on it.

10. Freight forwarding

People send presents for Christmas. You can provide on time delivery services for their Christmas gifts. You can work with your friends together to make this business more viable.

11. Travel agency

People do travel on Christmas. You can provide transportation service by driving people to places they want to visit as a tour guide, or you can offer travel planner and organizer service if you have some experience with traveling at holiday season like Year End.

12. Event organizing

You would expect many events on the Holidays, like Christmas concerts and parties. They will need lots of event organizers. Start with your friends and neighbors now, and you may be surprised to find a lot of opportunity for this business.

13. Event hosting

Corporate and family parties will require an entertaining host. This job can pay pretty well. If you have the talent, you can volunteer yourself. If not, but you know a friend that suitable for this kind of job, you can act as intermediaries and earn the commission. The commission will be dependent with the agreement between you and your friend, though.

14. Video coverage

People like to make videos of their great memories. A video coverage service will be needed. Got a skill but you don’t have the proper equipment? Work together with other friends.

15. Photography

Photographs are a must in Christmas parties. People like to upload them on their Facebook. If you have a good skill in photography, you may want to try this way.

16. Sound systems

Christmas parties need good sound systems. You can certainly provide one if you are in this business type already. Offer some Christmas or New Year promotional to make it easier for marketing.

17. Music and dance performing

Nowadays, Christmas celebrations do have music and dance performances. It is helpful if you happen to be a professional performer.

18. Choreography service

Employees and students do perform in their internal Christmas celebrations. They will need a choreography service for their presentations. You can ask friends or families if they need your service.

19. Venue leasing

Do you have a good venue for Christmas events? You can rent it out and make some money.

20. Christmas Bazaar

Organize a Christmas Bazaar to sell ready-to-wear items. People do shop for such items on Christmas. A cheap but decent quality will make your items sold pretty quickly.

21. Toy store

Cute toys can do wonder to kids. Children and kids would expect new toys on Christmas Eve. You can be either distributor or toy maker to make use this event.

22. Electronics and gadgets retailing

Some people may want to get something useful on Christmas. A new camera or cell phone will be appropriate, don’t you think? Offer a Christmas deal to attract more customers.

23. Gadget accessories retailing

People may want to adorn their electronic gadgets on Christmas. Nothing can do a better job than good gadget accessories. Like the previous idea, offer a Christmas promotion to attract more customers.

24. Christmas party invitation cards

A Christmas party will be merrier with more attendants. Nice invitation cards will come in handy. If you have a design skill, this will make you lots of money.

25. Christmas card business

You can sell conventional Christmas cards. Some people still like writing and sending Christmas cards to their loved ones. Make use for your design skill here.

26. Paper bags and gift wrapping

Christmas presents are everywhere. They need lots of paper bags and proper wrapping. Offer your service to friends and families with cheap price, and they will be more than likely to use your service.

27. Jewelry business

What would make a very special Christmas gift? A jewelry certainly would. Again, use Christmas or New Year deal to attract more customers.

28. Fireworks

You can sell fireworks. They are perfect for Christmas and New Year Eve parties.

29. House renovation services

People want to renovate their home for Christmas. They can make use of a house renovation service because they believe a ‘New Look’ is connected to ‘New Year’ and ‘New Hope’.

30. Writing about Christmas or New Year event stories

You can offer your writings and sell it to friends or families. If you like to write a book, you may want to write a book related to Christmas and publish it.

Are You Ready to Challenge Yourself?

Christmas and New Year is still a month ahead at the time I wrote this post. However, the preparation for building a business to grab the opportunity for seasonal trend will obviously require some time. There are two articles I have written previously that you may like to read as an additional concern regarding this matter:

  1. How to outsource your idea, realize it, or even find more business ideas → You can click here to read some inspiration.
  2. How to find a suitable business type for you to build → You can click here to read some inspiration.

Grab your Santa Hat like this cat, means grab your opportunity at Christmas to build your success starting now

Grab a Santa Hat, grab an Opportunity to succeed

As a final note, I’d like to stress out again that you need a strong determination to have a successful business, no matter how small it is now. It is never too late to start something that will bring benefit in the long run, even if it using a season trend like Christmas and New Year event.

For now, you may want to start with any of the above 30 ways to make at Christmas above. You can also share this to your friend if they have a keen on creating a business. If you are not ready for anything, then that’s also OK as long as you finish reading this article and know the basic understanding about grabbing an opportunity. Thank you for reading and if you have other ideas for making money at Christmas, do leave a comment :)

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  1. Barrack

    Hello, nice post. I was wondering how am going to make money this Christmas not knowing that there are easier, very easy ways to make money this Christmas. Your post has helped me a lot and honestly speaking am not worried anymore. Number 26 is for me ” House renovation services” am good in it and am sure when started am going to make some extra cash

    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Hi Barrack, thanks. I’ve listed down what I knew about possible ways to make extra money for Christmas time and it feels good if you were inspired with one of them. Don’t forget the end message: Determination is a key to make your business success here :)

  2. Atulya

    I mostly like the fruit stand way to make money in Christmas. and my second choice candy and choclate business. All are the awesome way you provided, which are helpful to earn extra money on christmas.Great review indeed.Everyone want to earn extra money, so keep writng more review for earning extra money,

    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Hello Atulya, Great choices you have there :) I wish you success with the choice of your business. Well, I mostly write about inspiring people, product, or ideas here as long as it can help you and the readers to have an inspiration to achieve their success. Good luck :)

  3. Joon

    These are great ideas! I’ve never been so obsessed about holidays myself but most people do get into holiday spirits and how great opportunities these may be for business. Hmm…I was thinking maybe starting by writing a blog and relate it to Christmas? Just like your post, but I won’t steal your idea though lol!

    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Hi Joon, thanks for coming again. Sure, if you like to write than that is a great choice. There is enough time before Christmas to publish your writing and sell it, just don’t forget you need a good determination to finish it and market your writing :)

      Nah don’t worry, you are not plead guilty by using any one of the ideas above. I write to give inspirations to help other people. Good luck then :)


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