5 Surprisingly Helpful Ways Drone Can Be Utilized

Flying drones can be utilized
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At the end of December of last year, I was surprised with the news that the social media Twitter filed a patent on drones, unmanned aircraft. It draws from this patent is a way of using the “like”, “retweet” and “reply” to control the drone. Twitter also says that the drones can be used for telepresence and video interviews directly.

Drone can be utilized in so many ways, but I never imagine that it can be use for social media need like that.

Drone Can be Utilized to Help People in Many Ways

Drone is indeed one of the very advanced technology that helps human activity. Do you know? It turns out that ability of drone that could fly or swim was inspired by the ability of animals. These unique abilities make drones can be useful in a variety of ways to help people or environment.

I’ve done a bit of research and found at least 5 ways drone can be utilized to help us and our environment. Io and behold, the power of drone! (Ah, sorry for being a bit exaggerated) :)

1. Combat Crime in The Wild

Hyenas in the wildlife

Because of the rise of environmental crime, the government search for some ways to combat it. One of them is to utilize a drone. Countries that have been functioning drone as a nature police is Kenya and Nepal.

Thanks to a grant from Google, the drones, which are worth five million US dollars, launched to supervise areas in Africa and Asia. Drone oversees wildlife, especially elephants and rhinos which are the most vulnerable to poaching. Not only that, drone can also indicate the theft of illegal fishing, hunting, until the forest fire.

Drone proved to be quite popular in the fight against illegal wildlife trade. This fight worth US $ 10 billion per year which until now has become unhealthy battle between armed criminal syndicates fire and national park officials who do not have the equipment even expertise.

2. Count The Animal Population

Koalas and human

Next function of drone is to calculate the animal population. Drones can tell the exact number of animal population. This helps to control the availability of food and to know the animals that are under threat.

US Geological Survey and the fish and the Wildlife Service uses drones to count the number of birds sandhill crane or ladder (Grus Canadensis). There is also the Queensland researchers who utilize unmanned aircraft technology or drone to assist the conservation of endangered species such as koalas.

Drone technician from the Technical University of Queensland, Gavin Broadbent said, at first, they were a little hesitant to use drones in an attempt to track the koala population, but they were immediately convinced after seeing the pictures produced by piloted drone after use.

3. Conduct Difficult Researches

Drone can be utilized to research orangutans

Drone can be utilized for research due to its capability for many things. In addition to taking pictures of a particular animal, a drone can also be used to monitor the condition of an unattainable area to be observed. The researchers noted that drone is able to acquire data real time and repeatedly to map the research field as often as needed. Many studies or research require the help of drone to monitor various objects.

A team of scientists working in Indonesia has used drones to study the movement and behavior of the Sumatran orangutans above the tree tops. Using drone is a cost effective way for scientists and they can easily monitoring the orangutans from a distance. Additionally, orangutans are not disturbed by the presence of the drones.

In Ottawa, Canada, drone is used to repel a bunch of wild geese along the beach at Petrie Island. It aims to reduce the number of wild geese populations because it is already too distracting for the surrounding area.

4. Look for Disaster Victims

helping disaster victims

In some cases, drone was effectively used to save people, for example in the case of floods. Drone can be flown on a dangerous area to find out if there are survivors. Drone can also be used to provide temporary relief supplies. Therefore, it may be an area to reach the region that is extremely dangerous.

An example of this occurs when there was a catastrophic Haiyan Typhoon in the Philippines, Drone helps volunteers to know the disaster terrain. With approximately 6,000 victims and the shattered condition, it is impossible for the volunteers to look for victims who are still missing and also impossible to conduct location mapping.

5. Help Infrastructure Maintenance

Drones can also be used for infrastructure maintenance

Another function of the drones is to help infrastructure maintenances. One case of the use of it has been done in South Florida by a civil engineer from Infrastructure Maintenance Division, Don Nuelle.

He said that in the treating for water management system, he has been using submersible drone remotely operated for about 15 years. Four of the five sub-district offices of South Florida have one drone to check for water control structures regularly.

Technology Can Be Used To Help People

Technology nowadays is certainly very advanced in these past years. As long as we use it to improve human’s life and our surrounding, it will bring a good impact to our future and the next generation.

Drone is one of the recent amazing technology that can be used to improve our life. Apart from the 5 effective ways above, do you know any other effective ways drone can be utilized? If yes, kindly leave a comment below to inspire other readers too :)

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Alexander Blue

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  1. Jack Taylor

    Where I live in the Florida Keys, they use a helicopter to inspect the power lines because most of them run on towers that are on concrete pylons in the middle of the ocean.

    Drones could easily do the same job as the helicopter and for a whole lot less money too! I like that they can be used to help protect wildlife as well.


    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Wow thanks for sharing your experience :) It’s nice to hear more positive use of drones.

  2. Steve


    Thanks for this post. I always really just think of drones as toys. It’s great to read some really useful ways this tech can be utilised to really help both people and nature.

    Often Tech is can be so damaging and unhelpful so it’s fantastic to see something able to help the most vulnerable and in need.

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Hi Steve, thanks for reading :) Yes everything can be either good or bad depends on how we use it. A knife can be good as a tool for cooking or it can be bad if you use it to harm others.

  3. Joe

    It’s fascinating to me the incredible leaps and bounds being made in technology these days. A couple of applications for drones that could be on this list: Storm tracking; send the little buggers into the hurricane to collect data on wind speed, trajectory, etc. And agriculture: To monitor crops, so resources like water can be more precisely targeted.

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Yes indeed. Thanks for dropping your thought here :)

  4. Marcus

    It’s so great when you see the good that technology can do. All 5 of these ways to use drones are great and will help humanity in a big way.

    It’s so sad that right now when I think of drones I just think of the drones with missiles on them that are operated from a container in Texas bombing people in for example Yemen.

    It’s great the see the great use that they also have. Thanks a lot for that.

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Yes Marcus. Everything has both the positives and negatives. I believe if we utilize something for the good, it will bring a positive result :)

  5. Johnson

    Technology has really helped made life easier in so many different ways. You can imagine the so many attribute a drone has and how help it has been to human life and the world at large.

    Thanks for your review on drones, it was very much informative useful as well. I look forward to other of your future reviews

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Hi Johnson, yes technology has advanced so far and it can really help both of us and our environment :) Thank you and looking forward to your next visit.


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