50 Positive Personal Habits That Are Important To Improve Your Life

always see some positive things in other people
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Previously in the beginning of this year, I’ve written about how we need to have good habits and start to become committed with your New Year resolution. Well, becoming a successful people is such a big deal to both me and you and it depends on our personal habits. Having personal habits that are important to upgrade the quality of your life will certainly make the success closer.

Good quality of life gives you a better vision of your future. Better future makes you know how to make plans and becomes a successful person. Being success is not a legacy from blood, family or talent because they adopt right habits.

So, What Are Some Personal Habits That Are Important To Improve Our Life?

I’ve tried to research it and even implement some of them. Here is the list of 50 habits that will make you have a better life. Hopefully, these habits will make you closer to your success :)

Daily Habits

Daily Habits to make your life closer to success - Drink more water

  1. Wake up in early morning
  2. Exercise ritual every day: walk around neighborhoods
  3. Slow eater. Just enjoy your foods and drinks
  4. Eat healthy food. The green things like vegetables are good
  5. Drink more water, cut more caffeine
  6. Read some inspiring books
  7. See yourself in a positive way. You can be what you wanted to be
  8. Have a self-time to understand and desire what you want to do and do not
  9. Slow down a bit. Think, learn and do the action

Pleasure Habits

Take your pet with you outside

  1. Do travelling once in a while
  2. Go swimming
  3. Do something unfamiliar to excite yourself
  4. Have a pet. Dog might be a good choice
  5. Play games for training your brain
  6. Listen to some music, particularly the inspiring ones
  7. Smile every time. Happiness is contagious :)
  8. augh a lot. Yes, laugh everyday
  9. Always looking to balance between job life and social life

Social Relationship Habits

Have good friendship to make you life better

  1. Learn to be a good listener, not talker
  2. Make a positive friendship
  3. Talk to a stranger; you do not know who you will meet
  4. Respect others
  5. Join a positive community

Behavioral Habits

always see some positive things in other people

  1. Keep learning from someone’s life, mistakes and experiences
  2. Always see the positive things in every people
  3. Apologies if you have done mistakes
  4. Accept feedback, be it soft or harsh. Just don’t do it if you don’t like it
  5. Learn to leave your comfort zone
  6. Learn to control yourself. Successful people have emotion but they can control it wisely.
  7. Never blame anything, be responsible
  8. Increase your discipline
  9. Learn to be adaptable and comfortable with a new thing
  10. Learn to be innovative rather than imitate
  11. Learn to never get jealous for what people have. Just be thankful for what you have now
  12. Appreciate everything you have done. Give a reward to yourself
  13. Learn to do nothing. It is called as “mental health time”

Taking Action Habits

taking actions to implement personal habits that are important to make your life better

  1. Accept a challenge as opportunities not an expense
  2. Just do it
  3. Take the risk, do not fear to fall
  4. Stop complaining and take action to resolve the problem
  5. Finish what you start
  6. Don’t stuck with failures and make it as a lesson
  7. Learn to say “NO” if you don’t like it

Goal Setting Habits

Goal Setting is indeed a good way to achieve success

  1. Make Plans; daily, monthly and year
  2. Set standard, a rather high standard is OK but know your limit
  3. Maximize your talent
  4. Think about what is your passion
  5. Keep busy, productive and proactive
  6. Being generous and kind; successful people did not have to be proud
  7. Think and do research before making a plan

Good Habits Will Make Your Life Better if You Implement It

There are numerous gurus and courses out there to teach you how to become a successful person. Although I agree with some of them, what I believe to be the starting point of success and happiness is from yourself.

Yes, YOU are the key point to make your own success and happiness.

Successful people did not see a problem as a problem but they see it as a lesson. They keep focus to find solutions not complain. Always find and love yourself as the key to apply the positive habits. Those personal habits that are important to improve your life will then make your success closer.

Feel free to leave some food for thoughts below :)

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Alexander Blue

A writer, gamer, book lover, music addict, and a dreamer. My life motto is 'Every thousand mile begins with a single step'. I like to share helpful information with others because the positive feeling is contagious and it will make everyone's life better.

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  1. Shirley

    My dear old grandfather used to say “if you’re not consciously creating good habits, you’re unconsciously creating bad ones”. They’re some of the truest words I’ve heard in my life. I transitioned into being an early-riser about a year ago, and it’s made a massive difference in my life. I feel like I’m starting each day with purpose, plus I get to do some things I like before the grind of the work day. Great list you have here.

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Wow thanks Shirley for sharing your grandfather’s word. Have a nice day :)

  2. Lynn

    This post is really interesting. I would love to do all those 50 personal habit to improve my life but I would have to take it slowly since I’m not really accustomed to some of the habits listed, like talking to a stranger or go swimming (I can’t swim ugh).
    Thank for the ideas!

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Hi Lynn, yeah one habit at a time :) It will be hard if you want to learn everything at once. Wish you success with your new to-learn positive habits :)

  3. Clare

    Hi Alexander,
    Great list of things we should all be doing to improve our lives and succeed with our goals. I would add meditation to that list although I guess you have it covered, under “learn to do nothing” :)
    Even if we all just chose one per day to implement, in 50 days we would all be healthier, happier and more motivated!

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Hi Clare, thank you. Mediation is really good, although I haven’t done it personally. Yeah, it can be covered in “learn to do nothing” for a short time , if you wish to interpret it like that.:)

      We can do one at a time for starting :) Good luck.

  4. Michelle

    Hi Alexander

    Wow these are some fantastic personal habits for one to ponder upon. I am big on planning, I like knowing where and how I am going to get somewhere!

    Making better food choices and excercising are definitely on my to do list! Like most I struggle to find a good amount of balance, peace and serenity in everything I try and want to do.

    My biggest downfall is my love of working, I guess this is the first point of call for me to evaluate. Thank you for this amazing list. Bookmarked!

    Kind Regards


    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Hi Michelle :) Thank you.

      Wow you really sound like a good planner with all the to do list thing :) Yeah don’t worry and take it slow at first to evaluate things. Hope you will always be inspired to do positive things.

  5. Gabriel

    Well said about habits and improving life being connected. Small things like waking up early can make such a huge difference!

    The thing is: in the beginning, it’s hard to get used to getting up early, but once it’s made a routine you don’t even need an alarm anymore… And the coffee one is something I used to have a problem with. What I started doing was keep bottles of water in the fridge so I can just get them when I’m thirsty. It’s great because it’s less work than making a coffee so you wind up drinking it…

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Hi Gabriel, I agree with you. It’s hard at first but after some time, you’ll be used to the new habit. Haha you’re right. Drinking water is healthier, easier, and cheaper than coffee :) Good luck for applying the positive habits.

  6. Kevin

    Hi Alexander,

    Honestly, I found your website very helpful. I will try to apply some of the 50 habits to improve my personal care.

    I’m very weak at eating slow and healthy though :S

    I believe it is a matter of learning to care ourselves to improve health. nowadays, everybody does everything quick, in a rush. Time is short and things need to be done before end of day which damages our health in the long run.

    I will bookmark this website to keep this habits in mind.



    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Hi Kevin, thank you for reading :) Yeah I know what you means about learning. Even I try slowly to adapt myself with these positive habits. Working on everything all at once may make our mind ‘break’, so just do it slowly but sure.

      Thanks for bookmarking and I’ll look forward to your next visit :)


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