7 Christmas Inspirational Thoughts from The Life of Santa Claus

Santa gives you some Christmas Inspirational Thoughts
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Christmas will come on the next week and you may need some good inspiring stories for the event. Christmas inspirational thoughts can come from anywhere, and you can get one from Santa Claus himself.

Inspiration from Santa Claus comes to your heart

Santa Claus is well-known as an old man who is delivering children’s present during Christmas night. In the story, he is always keeping his spirit to accelerate his flying deer to run fast to deliver each present on time.

He becomes the folk tale that every child believes in mid-century. Some of them even wanted to see and touch his white beard. Honestly, I want to do it too :) How about you?

Now Get Your Christmas Inspirational Thoughts from His Life Journey!

There are some inspirational thoughts you can draw from his life. In this case, it is good for us to understand what the character learning taught by Santa Claus, especially in his work ethic.

Santa gives you some Christmas Inspirational Thoughts

Here comes Santa Claus – I mean, his inspiring life lessons:

1. Age Doesn’t Matter

We all know Santa is an old man. We also knew he has long white beard. However, once the call of duty comes to him, he takes it seriously. He never refuses to deliver the present only in a night period.

We can learn, how old we are, it actually doesn’t matter with our quality of work. Our skin may wrinkle by time, but not for our spirit. It must not!

2. Be on Time

Can you imagine if Santa comes to child house in the morning because he is running out of time? It never happens in the story. It needs a commitment to work effectively and do not let the time wasted.

This is the lesson brought by him. Punctuality is always. He never late. It results to many smiling children in the world on the next morning. Punctuality is important, crucial, and being paid in the end.

3. Have a Real Justice

Santa only delivers the present to the nice kids every year. What about the naughty one? They will not. Santa always gives a reward to successful and nice kids which further motivate them to become better.

Here is the lesson. Give the reward to people who constantly believe you, pay attention to you, and most importantly, have the loyalty you can not pay with money. A little present won’t drain your pocket, though.

4. Keep Smile in Tired

We all know he is a hard worker. However, we can see his face always with a big smile on it. In the story, Santa is the one who never cries, never sad, and never pessimistic.

He always smiles, and it becomes it characteristic. Don’t you want to apply it to yourself? Keep smiling and think positively like this. Perhaps, you will make the world thousand times more beautiful than you have thought.

5. Be Wise to Judge People

Even though Santa doesn’t give a present for naughty kids, he gives them a second chance. Yes, it is always. Once they become better, then their present will follow.

In our real life, we should learn that bad people will never always be a bad people. Perhaps, they will change, even better than us.

There is no one knows. Therefore, do not underestimate in people will and give them the attitude wisely. Never discriminate one group or race among others.

6. Work For Smile, Money Will Follow

Santa, in his legend, always described as an old man who is always happy. He never be sad and cry. It seems like actually Santa is a successful character.

He has never been described as a poor person. The story always gives the description that Santa lives in a big house together with many dwarfs. It seems like Santa has no worry for money, as long as he is happy with what he do now.

Yes, he can be considered successful for bringing happiness to so many people around the world. In another side, we never see Santa grappling money and work for money. This is actually the best life lesson from him.

Some people work solely for money. They always look for the high paying job and do it on with the burning spirit which last for only a few days. Then, they begin to look for higher paying jobs.

It always happens like this till they get back to the first one. In another side, rich people work to make people smile first. In other words, they work to help people or they work for something they really love. This is true if you consider many successful people and entrepreneurs out there.

Finally, money will follow. They never work for money as the sole purpose for their life. They just want people happy with what they are doing. They have a faith to live their dream, and most importantly, raising up people around them to become better.

7. Not Only Lesson for Kids

Talking about Santa Claus, we may think that he is only a child folk tale. However, there are a plenty of lessons we can get from his work consistency, and nice ethic. In another word, it should not be a lesson for kids but for the adults as well.

By being consistent, discipline, and be always positive, we can get much happiness we can not expect before. God always gives us the huge smile, sometimes in the unpredicted direction. This is what Christmas inspirational thoughts give to us.

For the next year, you may want to begin writing new year resolutions as a way to firm your personal development. Good luck with it and kindly leave a comment if you have any food for thought :)

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Alexander Blue

A writer, gamer, book lover, music addict, and a dreamer. My life motto is 'Every thousand mile begins with a single step'. I like to share helpful information with others because the positive feeling is contagious and it will make everyone's life better.

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  1. Josh Ellery

    You have helped me to get into the christmas spirit with your website which I thank you for a lot of my friend;-). I like what you said about being conscious of judging people, when we judge others we are essentially saying that we judge ourselves. Age also doesn’t matter, thankyou for the reminder.

    Which of these would you say is the most inspirational?

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Thanks Josh :) I personally like the number 6. It’s important to love what you are doing for your job. I believe money will eventually for itself if we succeed in what we can do for the best.

  2. Vallery

    Yeah, the inspirational thoughts from Santa Clause are definitely for everyone.

    Positivity, discipline, happiness etc, are qualities that anyone, looking forward for a better personality (regardless of age) will want to possess.

    I can see there are lots of truly inspirational tips on your site, from music to books — good for my reference.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Hi Valerie, thank you for sharing your thought :) We are never too old to be succesfull. What’s important is whether we want to achieve it or not, regardless of age. Looking forward to your next visit :)

  3. Pinkz

    Hi Alex,

    Your article truly inspires me. I do like how you explained one by one how Santa can be everyone’s inspiring life lessons. Keep doing what you’re doing, because people do need an inspiration and your website is truly inspiring. Please add me on your mailing list. I would love to be updated 😉

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Hi Pinkz :)
      Thanks for coming. Yes, even Santa himself can be a good direct example of inspiring person. Thanks for your compliment too :) You can subscribe by opting in the sign-up above.

      1. Pinkz

        Hi Alex,

        Yes I already did subscribed. Looking forward for more inspirational article.

        1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

          Thanks Pinkz :) I hope you will be inspired with the weekly newsletter :)

  4. George

    Hi Alexander,

    Just bumped into your website. I really like the positive vibe your page emits. Christmas and New Year’s Eve is indeed a time for smiles and a little self reflection towards the future.

    What better inspiring symbol than Santa himself!

    It is like you describe here: Smile, be inspired and prosperity will follow.


    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Hi George, thanks :)

      I thought that for this season inspiration, it should come from the Santa himself as a Christmas Inspiration. Smile and hope you get what you want in this Christmas :)

  5. Daniella

    Hi there,

    It reminds me my childhood:) I used to admire Santas -Claus and still do today! I have bookmarked your site so I can show this article to my children, I am sure they will love it! They are still very young, but I think it’s time for them to meet Santas Claus first on an article and then in reality.
    Thank you for this awesome blog

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Hi Daniella,

      Thanks :) I hope your children can also learn some life lessons from Santa Clause. Keep inspired and get motivated :)


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