7 Positive Activities You Can Do in This Holiday Season

Reading books as positive activity at Christmas
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Christmas is coming, and the holiday season is in front of our eyes. This will be a really long holiday period as we get close to the end of this year. How did you experience this year? I hope you have many good experiences in this year :)

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, there are some positive activities that we can do to use our time at this holiday season. Sure, going on a vacation with your family or friends is nice. However, there are some other activities that you can do if you decide to stay at home or don’t want to go too far from your city.

Now, let’s see a good list of those positive activities that you can do in this holiday season:

1. Bring in all your families to your home

Bring your family members to home

Via sheknows.com

Well, why don’t you invite your other families to your home and have a little homemade party? Even if you just having lunch together or playing home games, it is nice to raise bond between each other family members. Have a good chatter, laugh, or singing Christmas Carol together to make us your holiday spirit into positive ones.

2. Do some charity works

Do some charity works for ChristmasVia bigfamilyministry.org

You don’t need to celebrate holiday events with some festive, glamour, or expensive activities like making a big party. How about take a look to some of our friends that may be a bit unfortunate in term or money and need some help? You can also engage in social activities with friends such as visiting an orphanage.

3. Watching some inspiring good movies at home

Rise of the Guardians has Christmas themeOne of the Good Christmas Movies

Who says you need to go out from your home… or from your bedroom? Grab some popcorn and cola and turn on your TV to watch some holiday movies. You can bring in some friends to watch together some Christmas-themed movies such as A Christmas Carol (1999) or Rise Of the Guardians (2012). However, you can also watch other inspiring non-Christmas movies if you know some.

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4. Read some inspiring books

Reading books as positive activity at Christmas

Via natalieboudoucoaching.com

If you prefer to be alone, reading some books is also a good idea. You can search for some books that increase your knowledge. If you want to relax your mind, then reading your favorite novel or comic books might help too.

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5. Make small money

Garage Sale at Christmas

Via hanfordsentinel.com

Want to be productive in this holiday? You can try to make some additional money. For example, if you have a wide space or empty lot near your house, you can rent it for Christmas or Year End event. If you have a good skill in graphic design, you can also design a Christmas card and sell your card to earn some quick money. Or, you can start a garage sale to sell your unused things.

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6. Start a healthier lifestyle

Start jogging and maintain healthy lifestyle

Via renovit-multivitamin.com

This is easy to begin with. Start by waking early every day, you can begin your day by doing squad jump or a little push-up every morning. If you leave in a place with a non-winter season in this Christmas, you can also do some jogging. Bring this habit even after the holiday season is over. Health is a good investment for your future beside money.

7. Writing new year resolutions

Write some new year resolutions

Via vox.com

Let’s leave the ‘I’m writing the resolution for doing last year resolution which about finishing the previous year resolution’ stupid joke and start seriously writing it. New year resolutions can have a big impact in your next year because it has the same principle as goal setting for your life. If you writing it seriously and have a commitment to do it, your life will be better for sure.

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So, what do you want to do in your holiday season? Or, maybe you want to add this list further? Please leave a comment if you do. Finally, I wish you all Merry Christmas and happy holiday. :)

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Alexander Blue

A writer, gamer, book lover, music addict, and a dreamer. My life motto is 'Every thousand mile begins with a single step'. I like to share helpful information with others because the positive feeling is contagious and it will make everyone's life better.

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  1. Viljoen

    Hi Alexander

    I always try to stick with my new year’s resolution but it does not always happen. I cannot remember the last when my whole family was together during Christmas.

    I think I will just try again this year and maybe live a healthier lifestyle for 2016. I think exercise and a healthy diet is on my bucket list.

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Hi Vijoen, That’s a good thing to stick with your new year’s resolution :) I wish your resolution for healthier lifestyle and celebrating Christmas together with your family can be achieved.

  2. Pinky

    Hey Alex,

    Another great article, my way of making money or saving my money during holiday season is make my own gift basket. I spend less and more it’s personalized. Hope you have a happy holiday:)

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Sure Pinky,

      That’s a good idea. Being a personalized item boost your motivation when seeing it :)

      Happy holiday too :)

  3. Ian

    These are all great suggestions.

    I think that we can take charity a step further, and cook hot meals for a few local people who are down on their luck, as well as to homeless veterans.

    Another idea I had was to go through our wardrobes and donate the clothes you don’t need anymore to charity

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Hi Ian,

      That’s a good idea to step further into charity. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and may all other people who were helped with your charity works are also blessed.


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