About Me

Hello everyone,

Thank you again for visiting this blog. “Is Zero To Hero” is my blog that contains articles about stories and inspiration. Yes, those are written to give you (even includes myself) an inspiration to boost your motivation. You better read it here because I give more detail about what the blog can do for you.

As for me, I am just a normal person. I am not a native in English but I am trying to deliver the contents on my blog as good as possible :) Currently, I’m in a path to achieve what is defined as ‘success’. Or, in other term, a Hero.

Hero doesn’t always mean someone who fight for his country and win, or someone who fight for saving the world from evil villains like in those games or movies. It can really as simple as a person who fight and work hard to keep his or her family live enough everyday, or another person who fight his laziness to write and start his own blog that hopefully can inspire other people.

Ah, that last sentence is nearly describe myself as the author of this blog :) For now, I don’t feel to write as much about myself so this is all for now.

As mentioned previously, I recommend you again to read my first post to have a better understanding about what is this blog about. See you there :)


Alexander Blue (Alblue for short)