Can You List Disney Songs within Your Inspiration Sources?

Yes, can you list Disney songs on your inspirational source? Sure
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Yes, absolutely! You can list Disney Songs in your favorite inspirational playlist! I’m in a mood to talk about music so today I will going to share with you some of my favorite inspirational Disney Songs.

Disney is not only known for their good quality of animation characters and movies, but also their songs with inspiring themes. Most of their songs actually have certain meanings, depends on what scene the song is played at. If you grow up with Disney franchises, I’m sure you will have an inspiration boost each time hearing one of their songs. :)

Well, of course you don’t have to be a fan of Disney to enjoy the songs and be inspired. In this post, I add YouTube videos so you can imagine the scene when the songs are played within the movie. Hopefully, if you never watch the movie or just forget the scene, the video can help you.

Let’s take a look first on my inspirational Disney playlist, shall we?

Inspiration: Be Yourself / Be Thankful of What You Already Have

Can You List Disney Songs? Of Course!

I choose to categorize the songs based of the inspiration they give to me. The first is about how we should be ourselves. There are many times in my life, and I’m sure yours too, that we are bound to other people’s perspectives. They want us to be ‘perfect’ in their eyes, but we can’t. The person they want to look is not the ‘real’ you.

Usually, I take some of my leisure time listening to these songs. We all have different talent, different gift, and we should use it to make our success, our happiness. Have a faith and confidence in yourself, and let’s take a look for these songs.

1. Let It Go (OST Frozen – Idina Menzel / Demi Lovato)

“Let it go, let it go
The cold never bothered me anyway”

This song may be globally recognized as number one song for a ‘be yourself’ and also a ‘freedom’ song. ‘Let it Go’ was performed by Idina Menzel (voice actress of Queen Elsa) in the movie, while the single (simplified) version was performed by Demi Lovato.

In the movie, Queen Elsa chose to abandon her kingdom when her power was discovered to public and went to the mountains. She realized that she no longer needed to hide her ice power and declared herself free, singing the ‘Let It Go’, and build an ice castle up at the mountains. The song symbolizes her freedom and how she can be her ‘real self’, after for a long time she kept it hidden from the public.

The above iTunes badge will direct you to the Idina Menzel version. For the Demi Lovato version, you can click here to get it on iTunes.

(YouTube Video credit goes to “Disney UK”)

2. Reflection (OST Mulan – Lea Salonga / Christina Aguilerra)

“Why must we all conceal
What we think, how we feel?
Must there be a secret me
I’m forced to hide?”

“I won’t pretend that I’m
Someone else for all time
When will my reflection show
Who I am inside?”

This is another song with the ‘why I must conceal myself?’ scent after the ‘Let It Go’ song. Lea Salonga is the performer of this song in the movie version, because she is the voice actress of Mulan. The single version of ‘Reflection’ was recorded by Christina Aguilera.

In the movie version, the song symbolizes Mulan’s feeling about wanting to show everyone who she really is (a bit of tomboyish girl) instead of pretending to be who she is not (a feminine girl wearing so much makeup). However, she is afraid to disappoint her family. In the end, she chose to remove her makeup when arrived at her family temple and then show her true self.

The above iTunes badge will direct you to the Lea Salonga version. For the Christina Aguilera version, you can click here to get it on iTunes.

(YouTube Video credit goes to “Laura Lewis”)

3. Under The Sea (OST Little Mermaid – Samuel E. Wright)

“The seaweed is always greener
In somebody else’s lake
You dream about going up there
But that is a big mistake

Just look at the world around you
Right here on the ocean floor
Such wonderful things surround you
What more is you lookin’ for?”

‘Under The Sea’ can be considered as the iconic song of ‘The Little Mermaid’ and performed by Ariel’s best friend Sebastian the crab (voiced by Samuel E. Wright). He wants Ariel the mermaid to stay in the sea and resist her wish to become a human and spend her life with Prince Eric, a human whom she fall in love with. Well, however in the end Ariel still successful to sneak off when the little red crab performing the song.

This song is one of the most ear-catching songs in my playlist. Not only the rhythm make you want to dance (or at least, make your head ‘dance’ a bit), but also the lyric actually has some deep meaning about be thankful of what you have now (despite in the end of the scene of where the song is played, Ariel still choose to sneak off).

(YouTube Video credit goes to “Max Stratos”)

Inspiration: Enjoy Your Life

Hakuna Matata! No worries for the rest of the days

The second category is about enjoying your life now. Do you ever hear the catchphrase ‘YOLO’, or ‘You Only Live Once’? Exactly, like what it said, we only live once now so we should enjoy our life to the fullest. Below are two Disney songs which may inspire you about YOLO:

1. Hakuna Matata (OST Lion King – Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabella, Jason Weaver, Joseph Williams)

“Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase
Hakuna Matata, ain’t no passing craze
It means no worries for the rest of your days
It’s our problem free philosophy, Hakuna Matata”

Ever heard about the Hakuna Matata phrase? In Swahili, it can be literally translated as ‘There are no worries’. Well, I prefer the translation in the lyric though. No worries for the rest of your days. You only live once, and you should enjoy your days. Although it sounds a bit carefree, I agree that we should learn to move on from troubles. Problems come and go in our life, and so does the happiness.

In the Lion King movie, Hakuna Matata is initially performed by Timon (a meerkat – voiced by Nathan Lane) and Pumba (a warthog – voiced by Ernie Sabella) to teach Simba about letting go his problems. The lion cub Simba (voiced by Jason Weaver) later joined singing the song and the scene continues to adult Simba (voiced by Joseph Williams).

(YouTube Video credit goes to “LionKingsSongs”)

2. Bare Necessities (OST Jungle Book – Phil Harris and Bruce Reitherman)

“Look for the bare necessities
The simple bare necessities
Forget about your worries and your strife

I mean the bare necessities
That’s why a bear can rest at ease
With just the bare necessities of life”

This is another song in my playlist that teach you to forget your problem and move on. Life is already complicated, and why we need to complicate it even further by thinking to deep about some problems? Let’s try not to think too much about problems, enjoy your life a bit, and who knows the solution will come in an unexpected time after you have your mind cleared.

An interesting note here, the main performer of this song is a bear named Baloo (voiced by Phil Harris) and a good friend of Mowgli, the jungle kid and the main character here (voiced by Bruce Reitherman). If you already notice the pun of this song and the performer, than you must be beary smart and knowledgeable about Disney :)

(YouTube Video credit goes to “Welcome”)

This is for now. Can you list Disney songs that inspire you too?

In the middle of writing this post, I decide that it is better to not listing so many songs in one post. Why, you ask me? Because I want you to take some time to think the meaning of each song, and see if you can be inspired with it. If you are overloaded with too many songs, I’m afraid you will forget the deep meaning of earlier songs.

I promise I will post the next batch of inspiring Disney songs for you in the near time. I would like to hear if you have any favorite inspiring Disney song. In case you want to know other inspirational songs, you can click here to read my best inspirational songs all time.

If you have any food for thought of those five songs, please leave a comment below. I will be very happy to reply it :)

Update: You can read about the second batch of inspiring Disney Songs by clicking here.

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  1. Megan

    Disney movies are definitely a favourite in my home. My 18 year old daughter is addicted to a number of them and gets quite annoyed when the rest of us don’t want to watch “The Little Mermaid” for the 1001 time. “You’ve Got a Friend in My” from Toy Story and “Almost There” from the Princess and the Frog are favourites of mine.

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Yes you’re right. Thanks for sharing about your daughter :)

  2. Moussa

    I’m a big Disney fan I enjoyed reading your article. Disney really helps kids to be themselves wit these great songs and Let it Go is one o the most powerful ones so far! If I would make a list it would have to contain, One Jump Ahead from Aladdin and Beauty and The Beast! Because I can’t say one song I would say the whole movie! But, the song that really gets me relaxed and gives me an I dont care mood is Hakuna Matata.

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Wow thanks for sharing your favorite song :) I forgot about the One Jump Ahead, need to check it soon :)

  3. Pitin

    I don’t know about the Bare Neccessities but the other four I can definitely relate to! The first disney movie I watched was Alladin (so sad it didn’t make your list :-p). My 22 month old toddler is addicted to Frozen so yes, I know the Let it go lyrics by heart. HAHA. I love Mulan (reflection), Little Mermaid (reprise version of Part of your world), and yes, Hakuna Matata from Lion King! But my all time favorite? Beauty and the Beast! That would definitely make it on top of my list. :)

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Hi Pitin :) Thank you for sharing your favorite ones. Actually, A whole new world from Alladin is included in Best Disney Songs Come to the Rescue (Again) :) You can check the link if you want.

  4. anthony

    I have definitely used Disney to inspire my life in times of trouble. I would add “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” from Mulan to the list but that might just be me. You might want to research the composers and arrangers of these songs to see what their intent for the song might of been. Also analyze the Harmonic Progression to see how the melody plays into inspiring people. Great Site, Keep up the awesome work.

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Hi Anthony, great choice :) Sure, everyone has their own favorite song. It’s a good thing you’ve shared your favorite one so anyone who reads this will be inspired with your choice. Thanks for the recommendation and compliment :)

  5. James W D

    I grew up watching many a Disney movies from when I was young and then again with helping watch over my niece as she was growing up.

    One of my favorite movies which had a few great songs was Beauty and the Beast. When I was a young teen, I felt a lot like the Beast and this movie and it’s songs actually helped me come out of my shell over time.

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Hi James, that is so nice of you :) Yeah Beauty and The Beast has a lot of good songs and can really inspire you. Just replying to your comment make my mind playing the “Beauty and The Beast” song :)

  6. Julie

    The page really is fun because of the fact that we get to think about using Disney songs when working out. However, there are more Disney songs that are not included in the list such as “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” which was sung in Mulan, and during an actual training in the scene – something fitting for exercise. All-in-all, this is a very nice idea to do since music can inspire us further, and what if we really use Disney as well?

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Hi Julie, yes there are a LOT of other inspiring Disney songs too like what other people commented :) Thanks for adding another Mulan song to the list. Do you mean Walt Disney himself or other classic Disney movies like Fantasia?

      That’s a good idea. I’ll come up wit other inspirational article related to Walt Disney in the future :) Thanks Julie

  7. Billy Hunter

    OMG I can list a lot of songs from Disney movies that i love and give me inspiration! uh Pochahantas is one of my favorites because she is so connected to nature! ahah the jungle book is nice I like the bear neccessities and I remember my Physics teacher always talking about that song and how it related to her life. :) Alladin was an all time fav for a while for me. I CAN SHOWW YOU THE WORRLD! :) omg i can’t think of anything else but overall disney music throws me good vibes man.

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      OMG your comment remind me a lot when I still at junior high school. I and the whole class sang A Whole New World at the Music class. That was a great memory and made me really love this song too. OMG you also throw me really good vibes :) Please visit again then and thanks for reading this.

  8. Kristie

    Wow! I never really thought about how inspirational some of these songs are. My kids like them, but when you stop and listen to them, they really say a lot. I think you listed some great songs. You really inspired me today. Great post and I will be back for more inspiration soon.

    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Hi Kristie, glad to hear that you and your kids are inspired by hearing Disney songs. Well, like what I’ve commented to other readers, the songs really have a ‘magical’ sense to inspire a lot of people. Thanks and look forward to your next visit :)

  9. The_NathanNicholson

    I absolutely loved this article. Very fun and very inspirational. The format of the post is easy to follow and I can really gather my thoughts and think about the post as I read it. I love the use of images and videos to keep my attention, since I am also a fan of the Disney songs. Really make me nostalgic for them. Over all just a great and fun article to read, loved it.

    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Hi Nathan. Thanks. I hope you find it inspiring :) Disney Songs really have their own ‘magic’ to keep us inspired.

  10. Christian

    Oh man, you’re really tickling my Disney infatuation here. My picture to the left here is me at Magic Kingdom at the Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL. I might have a problem. :)

    All of the music for the Disney movies are done extremely well, IMHO, and most of them are extremely inspirational. You touched on one of my favorites which is The Lion King. That soundtrack is incredible, but what else would you expect from Elton John, Tim Rice and Hans Zimmer? My favorite track is probably “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.” To me it is very inspirational. The adult in me prefers the Elton John version, but the kid in me loves the movie version as well.


    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Wow you make me jealous :) I would really like to visit Disneyland there. Good thing you are being tickled with this article hahaha. I agree with you on “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” and would love to hear it once everyday. What makes Disney songs very inspiring is not only the lyric and melody, but also the movie scene when it was sung though.

      Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Roopesh

    This one is a tough one.
    I got 3 picks that inspires me. This is by order of preference.
    1. Hakuna Matata- It reminds me to take life with a pinch of salt, especially when it’s throwing you a curve ball.

    2.Under the Sea- Just groove and let your hair down.

    3. Let it go- Listen to your heart and let it lead the way.

    Can’t wait for your next list.

    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Hi Roopesh. Sure. Hakuna Matata has stroke my brain and heart after I read the lyric carefully. It really has a good meaning. You can see the other list here: . Also, I plan to include several Disney songs again in the future. Come again :)

  12. Ananomyx

    Your smile brought a smile to my face. I am glad someone has taken time to put together wonderful and inspiring songs from Disney. Let it go is a wonderful song even for those who are not Disney fans. Along with many classics like the Lion King’s Hakuna Matata.:):):) It means no worries, till the end of our days!!!! Great Site! Thanks A lot

    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Yes thanks Ananomyx :) Let’s trash our worries for the rest of our days and reach our success goal :)

  13. Angel

    Wow, this pleasantly brings me back many wonderful epiphanies of my love of Disney movies. I still love them even to this day.

    Should have known that the song “Let It Go” would be here. :) Just a guess and I was right.
    Its great to see that you included both the Video and Lyrics underneath. :)

    Thanks to you, I feel like heading on over to YouTube to refresh my memory on hearing Disney movie songs I have not heard in ages. 😀

    Wishing you all the best,


    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Hi Angel, yeah you guess it right :) ‘Let It Go’ is a widely famous modern Disney song that almost everyone in the world know right now, so of course I will include it in the list. Thanks for the compliment and I hope yo will be both refreshed and inspired by listening the songs.

  14. Simone

    While I am not a huge Disney fan I have to admit that many disney songs are quite inspirational.

    Hakuna Mattata was the song that got me through many tough times during university!

    I often play “Let it go” for my children when they get upset. We all sit around and listen to the words. They are very powerful and everyone is left feeling much better once the song is done!

    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Hi Simone, thank you for sharing your experience :) Actually, even I’m a big fan of Disney, I didn’t know that some of my favorite songs are actually from Disney until later. I didn’t know ‘You’ll be in My Heart’ was originally from Tarzan (Disney) and ‘Reflection’ from Mulan.

      I agree that the words in most of Disney songs have their ‘magic power’ to make us feeling better. Glad to hear that your children like the ‘Let It Go’ :)

  15. AlexaLOA

    Hello there,
    Awesome page ,very inspirational and the Disney songs are always a pleasure to listen they always have something to transmit and we can learn a lot from them. Being yourself, enjoying the small things in life ,being grateful and eliminating the negativity are the best things a person can do .And this songs are all teaching us this things. Looking forward to buy some of this great CD’s !

    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Hi Alexa,

      Thanks for the commpliment. Yep, Disney Songs really ave their own ‘magic’, both the classic and modern songs. There is always a lesson we can learn from each song, but I’m just compiling some of my favorites :)

  16. Zach

    Hey there,
    Great page! this definitely brings back fond memories. Disney’s always been wonderful for inspirational music. I used to have a cd with a lot of the older ones on it. I believe the lion king had only been out for a short amount of time when I had that cd and hakuna matada was the newest song. aaaah obviously that would be the case I suppose. Anyway thanks for a great post.


    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Hi Zach, yep you’re right. My memories of my childhood suddenly flowing through my mind when searching the right YouTube video for each songs and I really enjoyed those succes :)

      Ah yes, Music CD is one of the must-have if we really like the soundtrack for the movie and now we can easily buy it online. Thank you for sharing too :)

  17. Chris

    Hey there,

    I listen to Let It Go almost everyday when the movie Frozen was out. It is really ear-catching. I know other song like Reflection and Under The Sea, but I just know the Bare Necessities and Hakuna Matata.

    Thank you so much for recommending it. I love to hear the song while watching the scene when the song is performed. Looking forward to your next inspirational songs post.

    Kind regards


    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Hey Chris,

      Yes, when the Frozen was out, almost everyone on my office set the ‘Let It Go’ as their daily song. Sounds exaggerated but that was true :) That song is really a globally accepted motivational song.

      Watching the scene while listening the song really help us to boost the inspiration :) Thank you.


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