How To Be Stong With Good Courage Like Christine Ha, The Inspiring Blind Chef

Inspiring Blind Chef - Christine Ha
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We should be strong with good courage to succeed in life. Nobody, however, was born with extraordinary mental strength and courage at birth. You need to develop those qualities over time to become a mentally strong person. Do you agree with this statement?

A few days ago, I was talking with a friend. We talked a bit about Master Chef US, an American TV show. Suddenly, I remembered about a very inspiring chef there and we talked a lot about this blind chef.

Inspiring Blind Chef - Christine Ha

Well, you may guess it right. She is Christine Ha, an American master chef from Houston, Texas. She is also a writer and  a TV host. She is the MasterChef TV program first blind contestant and its third season winner in 2012. Her recipe book, titled Recipes from My Home Kitchen is very popular in Amazon and very highly rated in various books and cooking recipe books website.

Recipes from My Home Kitchen Cover Book, authored by Christine HaRecipes from My Home Kitchen Book Cover. Click here to see the reviews on

7 Inspiring Ways to Be Strong with Good Courage Like Her

Christine Ha is cooking at Master Chef Season 3

If you ever wonder how to be ‘strong’ like her, I’ve tried to research about a bit for her way of life. There are 7 good lessons that I can conclude from her life journey. Let’s see if you some of these lessons will resonate you:

1. She utilize her mental energy wisely

Mentally strong people dedicate their efforts to the things which matter most to attain their set goals. Despite her blindness, Christine Ha keeps learning new things like ultilizing adaptive technologies to manage her own social media.

2. She reframe negative thoughts

Mentally strong individuals do not let negative thoughts hold them back. They talk to themselves like a helpful coach and remain determined to perform their best. Christine does not let her blindness prevent her from learning how to cook.

3. She work to achieve set up goals

Mentally strong people set up distinct professional and personal goals that give them purpose and meaning. They look at hurdles as challenges, instead of obstacles to their success. Instead of seeing with her eyes, Christine learns to make good use of her other senses to see things.

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4. She monitor her progress carefully

Mentally strong individuals monitor their advancement to their set goals every single day. Christine keeps monitoring the progress of training her non-eye senses until she can see through them. Instead of seeing how well fried the chicken is, she will see it by smelling the aroma, listening to the sizzling sound of the oil in the wok and tasting it.

5. She accept discomfort for a more significant purpose

Mentally strong people endure discomfort if it will serve a larger purpose. They could be exercising when they are weary, or they could be giving a presentation when they really feel scared, they utilize their pain to improve. Christine accepts her blindness and works to improve herself with it.

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6. She is always grateful

Mentally strong individuals recognize that they have all the things they need to succeed. They acknowledge their luck and are always grateful for what they get. Christine is grateful with her condition and aware that she has her non-eye senses to succeed.

7. She lives in line with her values

Mentally strong individuals do not live to beat competitors. They just concentrate on doing their very best with their conditions. Christine focuses on doing her very best with her blindness.

How to Apply Those Lessons in Our Personal Development

Christine Ha shows how to be strong with good courage with her winning

Well obviously, just do it! You have read her inspiring life journey and the 7 ways to have a good courage in your personal development. Sometimes, it may not easy to apply any self improvement lessons after you just read it. I know it very well.

There will be some times that we may face failure, or just feeling lazy to reach our goals and success. What I have done so far to keep walking in the path is by remembering the essence of our goal.

What was I trying to achieve? Why I want it?  

Should you fail in your personal or business ventures, learn from Christine Ha. We can be strong with good courage as long as we devote ourselves to our goal to become successful and happy. You can do it if you really want. Follow your heart and learn from your mistakes. Keep going, and you will reach success eventually :)

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  1. Molly

    Wow! Christine is such an inspiration to follow! Whenever I feel myself getting down, I shall remember her example and try to lead my life by the same principles as she does. Thank you so much for bringing her wonderful story to my attention, it has made such a difference to me.

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Hi Molly. Yes she is :) You can also see some of her video struggling at some MasterChef US episodes. She is really an inspiring person :)


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