Is Zero To Hero a Real Thing?

Is Zero To Hero Achieveable
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Hello everyone, thank you very much for visiting my blog. As this is my first post in Is Zero To Hero, I want to talk about something general. Recently, there are a lot of people coming from nobody to be somebody near my environment.

One friend of mine won a prestigious academic scholarship to Europe for his Master Degree. The scholarship program has a very strict requirement and really hard to pass. Only one person to be selected from thousands applicant, and he successfully passed it.

When I was with college with him, he is not that outstanding in front of other students, although his academic achievement is quite good. And now, he is become everyone’s talk. He became a Hero of my university as alumnus, and also a Hero for his friends. I’m so proud of him.

Another one was my peer in the previous working office. He is a common-type of accountant staff: Nerdy, cool, introvert, passionate with the numbers and daily routine tasks. Oh, I’m not saying every accountant like this, but this is a common perception of an accountant, at least in my country. Although he is a calm-guy type, everyone likes him for his good attitude.

That is about him at two years before. And guess, what he is now become? A business owner of heavy equipments service. It turns out that he has a good amount of connections within this industry, and he has a passion for this kind of business. He quit his job to found this business, promoting everywhere to his connections, gain some customers, and now he become financially independent. Who has thought in my office that a cool, common type of accountant like him become a business owner in a very short period? No one. From no one, he became a business owner. A successful person. A Hero for his colleagues.

That is only two mere examples near my environment. Let’s take a look into your surroundings. Do you have a friend, a family, or maybe your acquaintance that fit similarly with my story before? Or maybe, are you the one who is like that? If so, that is good and I hope you can become an inspiration for others. But, are you satisfied and think that you really achieve your success?

Find your Own Hero

Is Zero To Hero Achieveable

Everyone can be a Hero

Most of us may have heard the “Hero” sung by Mariah Carey. As for me, the lyric is touchy. There is a Hero lies in every heart of us. You can rise from the despair and survive the life with a belief, a passion, a will, and a hope; and thus become a Hero. This is, I believe, a very basic ‘foundation’ to be successful. Although some people may not begin it from the zero, most are actually.

What should be done for nurturing the ‘foundation’ to open your way to the successful, hero path? It is MOTIVATION. Yes, I will repeat it again with capital letters. MOTIVATION. How to find the motivation that can work for us?

There are two things, which I believe, for the key source of motivation. One is Inspiration, and the other is Experience. If some of you ask me why setting a goal is not a key source of finding motivation, I dare to say that many people have an unclear goal in their mind.

Often we just say what most of people will answer if being asked a goal in their life: Have your own car and house, have a spouse with two cute children, want to make their parents happy, have a good career in their job, or so on. Those are indeed a goal, but is it really everything you want to achieve in your one-time life? Many of us find it hard to define a more specific goal, and yes, it includes me too, and also many of my friends. It is good to have a specific goal, but it may be not enough for most of us to get motivated just for having a specific goal.

So, I believe the more viable sources to find motivation is through Inspiration and Experience. Inspiration can come through stories or other public media, while Experience can be gained by trying, even if it just a bit. When I am inspired by someone or something and choose to do a thing for a bit, it motivates me to do even more. Combine those two, and you will find a blog with Inspiration and Experience needed to grow your motivation.

And what about that blog?

Yup, you guess it right. It is the blog that you are currently reading, the Is Zero To Hero blog. I created this blog with the hope to collect the inspirations I can find, and hopefully those can also give you some inspirations. I write in some categories that you may find easier to relate with yourself:



This is a category that actually, very common in a lot of motivational books and stories. There are so many people out there that become famous or success even though they start from nothing. If you want to look for an inspiration regarding self goal and success, I suggest you read some of the posts here.

Product and Business

Product Business

Sometimes people need help from other (by this, I mean tools or mediums) to motivate themselves. If you are looking for an inspiring business, or maybe tools and products that helped made some people to become successful, than this category is definitely for you to read.

Place and Culture

Place Culture

Are you living in a place that hardly known by other in the world map? Or maybe, are you an Event Organizer that looking for some inspiration for your cultural events? Than I have good news for you. There are many cultures, places, regions, or even countries that was once unheard but now, their name is mentioned everywhere. Yes I know you have thought one or two culture or place, so let’s move to this category and talk about those as much as we want!

Public Interest

Public Interest

Are you a music addict? Are you a passionate gamer? Or maybe, are you a movie lover? On many occasions, I find myself get motivated just by listening to a song or watching certain movie. Hence, I create this category for you who are looking for an inspiration from these entertainment media. Also, fictional characters, business, and places are all mixed in this category too. There are sure a lot of things to talk about, so let’s click the category and search for some inspiration!

Now take a breath and think for a moment: Is Zero To Hero gonna be a real thing for you?

I hope some of the articles provided in my blog can really burn your spirit and get yourself motivated. So, is zero to hero a real thing?

Yes, definitely.

But, is it a real thing FOR YOU? The answer will be up to you.

Remember folks, there is a hero lies in all of us, including you. Hope this blog can help you to find it :) Just drop some comments below if you would like to discuss.

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Alexander Blue

A writer, gamer, book lover, music addict, and a dreamer. My life motto is 'Every thousand mile begins with a single step'. I like to share helpful information with others because the positive feeling is contagious and it will make everyone's life better.

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  1. Joon

    Hi, first of all thanks for visiting my website. I love that quote “Motivation is the Door to success. But inspiration is the key to open the door.” And I agree that motivation can get you pumped up and get you started, but what makes you keep going is the “inspiration” and clear goal, and the reason “why” WHY do you need to keep going when your body and mind tells you to just stop and take a break or even give up. And I also do agree having a somebody a role model or whoever it may be that you can emulate or learn from as a guide line. For me I have a few individuals I can relate to and want to emulate. Sometimes I’d ask questions like if I were him How would’ve he reacted and handled the situation? And yes, I think their are source of motivations everywhere not just from a motivational speakers but from lyrics from a song, a word that is said by a total stranger, from a painting, or anything. It’s awesome that you find source of motivation from everything! I am like that way too! Good luck with your journey! I’ll visit your website from time to time. And I also love the way you set up your website as well. A lot to learn from!

    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Hi, Joon. Thanks again for visiting back :) Yes I’ve come up with this mindset. We need something to keep us at the right path to reach the success as the Hero of our life. Inspiration is the ‘fuel’ here. Having known the ‘WHY” will even further speed up and keep us at the track.

      Inspiration can indeed come from everything. I’ll try to share everything that I can draw from daily life, song lyrics, or even a comic book :) Rather that learning from theory, I think we also need to learn from examples.

      I’ll wait for your next visit again and wish you to be motivated everyday :)

  2. edy

    Hi Alblue,
    I like the idea of your site “from zero to hero”.
    Every successful person must start from the ground and walk their way up to the top. The sky is literally the limit.

    Over the time, I notice that the best thing I have done is by learning from experience folks. Those people know exactly what we will face in the future. Thus, taking the knowledge from them is invaluable because it can prepare us better and perhaps succeed in any given goal we want.


    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Hi Edy,

      Glad you like the idea. You’re true, the sky is literally the limit but at the same it means no limit to push your motivation there to achieve success.

      Inspiration can come from other experienced folks, or business, or even other things such as music. Thank you again and I hope you can achieve the success that you want.


  3. Anthony

    Great blog, I have similar situations where some people I know are doing what they want to do at the current time and are doing well.

    Myself I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do til about mid to late June (Which is when I signed up for WA) and now I am so happy in terms of my goals and where I can end up.

    There is a hero in all of us not matter how much we might look like zeros :)

    Looking forward to seeing your website progress.

    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Hi Anthony, glad you like it :)

      Yes, I know how you feel. Sometimes we don’t really know what we really want to do (a.k.a. the specific goal) until we are inspired by others.

      Inspiration can be a great source of motivation beside setting short-tem goal. I hope you can achieve yoour success too and be a hero :)

  4. Chris

    Hi Alblue,

    It’s hit home what you say about accountants!

    I know many (including my own) that have never even considered straying off the path of employment, and others that have don’t particularly well, and moved on the become business coaches.

    It’s clear to see which are happiest and the most fulfilled.

    Thanks for the motivation!

    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Hi Chris, I know it too because my background is partially an accountant too :)

      I’m glad if my post can inspire you and I hope you can be keep motivated to achieve your success and always be fulfilled :)

  5. renelyn

    You have amazing work in your site, its a good shoot for you and your friends to start doing this business really good.

    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Hi Renelyn, thank you for visiting :) Hope for success to you too.

  6. Ever

    Hello, thank you for the thought. I find it connected to me in term of unspecified goals.

    I and my friends are always talking about setting up a business, but we never have a specific goal what business we would like to do. I think that is a good point to let ourselves feeling inspired and then let it to motivation for a specific business goal.

    Thanks again.

    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Hi There, thank you for leaving a comment. I hope that you and your friend can achieve the success!

      Everything come from a Zero, and it is always possible to become a Hero in your business :)


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