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Smartphone as Primary Need
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A few days ago before I wrote this post, I received phone call from my boss on my smartphone in my way to home. Since I didn’t respond to his text immediately, he decided to call me by phone for some urgent matters. Well luckily, I realize his incoming call and respond appropriately. Our gadgets always come to the rescue in term of easily connecting one with another.

Nowadays, technology has become an inseparable part of life. It’s completely involved in our daily activities. I, maybe you, and almost everyone have their own smartphone. Even certain people have more than one or two with them. The evolution of cellular phone companies has created a more sophisticated and also cheaper gadget for everyone to have. It also allows the word “best cheap smartphone” to be literally what it means.

You know what I mean, don’t you? Twenty years ago, we couldn’t imagine how someone can easily bring their very own communication device, let alone acquired it at a cost of their monthly lunch. Nowadays, such an amount can get you a pretty decent smartphone with a lot of features planted. If it’s not enough for you, various applications also available to download anytime with only a few click from your fingertips, with most of them are free.

Another Giant Leap for Mankind

Smartphone as Primary Need

I’m sure Martin Cooper invented the first handheld mobile phone 42 years ago over countless trial and lots of obstacle. Though the news might not be as glorious as the first man landing on the moon or maybe the discovery of water on Mars, I think it won’t be exaggerated saying that moment as another giant leap for mankind. I mean, it brought us to where we are now. An era with no boundaries. You can communicate with your friends or family (and yeah, your boss) despite being separated thousands miles away.

What may be interesting is that now, many smartphone brands are popping up as cheap, or better I said, budget smarpthone. Currently, what really drawn into my attention are Xiaomi and Asus. I’d like to call these two as the rising star for smartphone brands. Why, do you ask?

Out of all smartphone brands out there, these two are making an incredible progress within a pretty short period. And the main reason these two gaining so much attention from gadget mania is because they’re making a sophisticated gadget at an affordable price. What should be noted is, their journey to become this rising star brand is no cheap at all.

Asus, the Crouching Tiger of Tech Companies

Asus Zenfone

Asus is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan and was founded 26 years ago by four former hardware engineer of Acer. Since appointed as the CEO in 2008, Jerry Shen keep leading the company which starting its business as a motherboard to be one of the most prominent technology company in Taiwan. Asus is currently producing almost every area of technology, including PC components, peripherals, notebooks, tablets, servers and recently, smartphones.

One of the most interesting story about Asus was when it created a prototype for motherboard using Intel 486, but without access to the actual processor. This was resulting to the company receiving Intel engineering samples ahead of its competitor. It was a GREAT achievement considering during that time, Intel would prioritized IBM and Taiwanese company would have to wait approximately six month after to receive the prototype. It was that kind of fortitude and dedication that put the company to where it is now.

Asus has always tried to be a real definition of Pegasus and soar to new height with every product it creates. That’s why even though they still considered as a new player in the smartphone industry, the company already booked so much profit from the smartphone sales. Since announced in 2014, Asus Zenfone has been considered as one of the best budget smartphone. You can grab Asus Zenfone 2 for as low as $199 and enjoy the sleek design, 2 GB RAM, 8 MP Camera, 16 GB internal storage, and many other powerful features. Not bad, isn’t it?

Xiaomi, the Hidden Dragon of Smartphone Industry

Xiaomi Redmi

Xiaomi is headquartered in Beijing, China. Since released its first smartphone in 2011, the market share has keep growing, especially in China. In less than five years it become the fourth largest smartphone maker in the world after Samsung, Apple, and Huawei.

In Chinese word, Xiaomi means “millet”. The CEO, Lei Jun, describe the philosophy behind this name as their purpose of working on the little things instead of start with aiming for perfection which reflected on its business model. Xiaomi made profit from a narrow margin where it set price for its phone at almost bill-of-material prices. To maintain its cost efficiency, Xiaomi sell the phone exclusively from its own online store.

Xiaomi has now reaching more than 15% share market in China, beating other foreign competitor, even Apple. Not only reducing overhead cost, it also build a strong and loyal consumer based by closely listening to the customer feedback and follow it up. They allow the customer to test out the upcoming feature themselves and build and extensive online community.

They really a powerful smartphone and offer it at a reasonable price. At the price of $189 you can enjoy the youthful design phone with 2 GB RAM, 13 MP Camera, 32 internal storage and excellent performance. Most user said, it worth the money.

So, when It Comes to the Best Cheap Smartphone…

The Best Cheap Smartphone

If you look at these two companies, you might think that the only thing they have in common is that they are a consumer electric company. One builds a long way to be the leading of a technology company while the other one is a rather new company. However, both seem to have so much luck to dominate the country’s market share within a quite short time. For me, they are both the best budget smartphones.

Is it really luck that only comes to play? Well, here comes the inspiration of this day. I agree that luck may play a bit, but there is more than that. For me, it is the willingness to learn and the courage to try, supporting with an innovative strategy that eventually lead them as the best cheap smartphone. Uniqueness in the business strategy also plays an important role, and we can learn from them. See what is unique in yourself, and use it as a strategy for achieving the success. Food for thoughts is welcomed.

Alexander Blue

A writer, gamer, book lover, music addict, and a dreamer. My life motto is 'Every thousand mile begins with a single step'. I like to share helpful information with others because the positive feeling is contagious and it will make everyone's life better.

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  1. Anna

    Hi Alexander,

    I’m so happy I came across your article because I need to get a smartphone but was unsure of which one to get. Budget is definitely a factor for me, so I’m looking for something fairly cheap but still good quality. Thank you for informing me about these options!

    I just want to commend you on your fantastic site! I love the quote in your header! What a powerful and beautiful message!

    Best wishes,


    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Hi Anna, thank you for visiting and I hope you are inspired from the website and article too :)

  2. Ian

    Interesting. I run a smartphone photography page so a 13 MP camera certainly piques my interest and for a great price.

    What are the other specs on the camera, such as aperture, sensor size, pixel size, etc.?

    Thanks for sharing this, it was interesting and also relevant to my own niche.

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Hi Ian, you’re welcome :) If you talk about Asus, it has a somewhat similar specs with yours. Since each model has a different spec, you might want to check at Amazon or local electronic store :)

      Talking about photography, my ASUS did a quite nice photo but may not enough if you want to focus on the photo specs. The big plus is their brand usually comes with cheaper price compared to high-end brand like Samsung or Apple, but with decent specs :)

  3. MelindaH

    Hi Alblue,
    I have had Galaxy and iPhone Smart Phones. I went part time at my job and downsized a lot of things, like my phone. There have been a few times that I really missed my smart phone, but I have survived, lol.
    I have an ASUS laptop right now. I love it. This seems to be a great company. So far, I haven’t had any problems what so ever with this laptop.
    Thanks for the info,
    ~ Melinda

    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Hi Melinda. Yes I downsized my smart phone too after a certain incident and now I’m happy with my ASUS :) Being cheaper doesn’t mean lower quality, as can be shown in the article. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Alan

    Phones have evolved in a huge way, i remember when i was a kid the thought of a phone being used to play, to navigate the internet , to listen to music, chat etc. would sound absurd it is true that each year Smartphones come with new applications to make things easier even with GPS systems. Im glad those companies are making smartphones more accessible to the average person rather than having them overpriced and available only to a few.

    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Hi Alan, I agree with you. I’m still remember a few years ago when smartphone is very limited to them with high budget. Now, almost everyone has their own smartphone. There are some brands that come with a price lower than fifty bucks. We can learn from their strategy and may apply to our business too :)

  5. Mark

    Hi, wow that was a very informative article about cheap smartphones. I feel I’ve learned a lot from it and about smartphones. I’ve always tried to get expensive smartphones because I didn’t think that cheap smartphones could be any good. But now that I see the possibilities I think I’m going to get cheaper smartphines to save money,

    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Hi Mark, Yes you are true. Cheap smartphone boomed at my country about last year, and they indeed have a lot of fans here. I rarely come with negative comments even though it was cheap in price. It is wonderful how a cheap smartphone brand can rise and almost in par with high-end brand like Samsung and Apple

  6. Zee

    Hi Al!

    I think it’s amazing what life has brought us into. An era with no boundaries. But what’s more amazing are people who made it all possible. Can’t fully imagine the effort they made to provide us all these technologies.

    As for smartphone, I’ve been a big fan of Sony since long ago. My first cellphone was Ericsson R600. It was just as ordinary as any other phone on its era. But I love how the backlight could be switch into another color. LOL. I got my first Sony Ericsson phone two years after and have been sticking with them ever since. Even so, I do admit that Xiaomi Amazing. They’ve gained so much attention in quite short period.

    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Hi Zee!

      Yes that’s right. I’m glad that technology has been evolving so fast :) Sony was once my smartphone too but a certain incident made me sing ‘let it go’ to it and now I’m using Asus lol. Asus and Xiaomi really deserve what they have now, and we can learn from their strategy :)

  7. Rob

    It is amazing to think that the first mobile phone was 42 years ago, I remember some of the first ones, they were so big. The technology has come a long way and there is so much to a smartphone nowadays.

    You have given a great insight into these two up and coming companies and their smartphones look pretty impressive with a cheap price tag. Having said that, I do love my Samsung, but these budget smartphones are worth a second look, cheers


    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Hi Rob. Yes, I just found it in my research when writing this article about the first mobile phone. When I was a kid, I remember that cellphone is really an exclusive gadget and pager (beeper) is more common :)

      It’s amazing how technology evolved so fast, and reach wider society from any class. It is a common sight if you see people with ‘low-wage’ job have a rather good, nice design smartphone in their possesion :) The innovative and uniqueness of each brand really come into play.

      I was previously using Samsung too but now I move with my budget smartphone and it’s good quality even compared with high-end brand :)


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