These 5 Popular Antiheroes Will Teach You Some Precious Life Lessons

Deadpool is actually an inspiring antihero character from Marvel Cinematic Universe
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I am a fan of fiction stories. A fictional story usually represents the real problems in life made into a work of literature. In fact, if we intend to explore more about fiction stories, we can find many things and possibly useful in our daily lives. There are a lot of precious life lessons that you can get from fiction stories.

A few weeks ago, there was a new Marvel Superhero movie that just released near the Valentine’s day. If you are a movie lover and a fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe, then you already know that I am talking about Deadpool. He is a ‘superhero’ but actually, fit better as an antihero protagonist.


What Is an Antihero Character?

Deadpool, one of the X-men and also an inspiring antihero with precious life lessonsWHAT? I’m an Antihero?

Antihero is usually included in the protagonist’s group. In fact, many of them become the main characters or draw a huge fan base because of their ‘unique’ character traits.

The antihero figures are not like a protagonist character in general which only show his/her good side. They show their good and bad side, even many of them likely have more bad sides. In other words, antihero has some of the typical villain’s character traits in which a general protagonist doesn’t have it.

The existence of antihero character reminds us that there is no perfect human being in this world. Antihero character is complex. They may have a problem with moral, sometimes overbearing or insecure. Some of the antihero characteristics typically include greed, self-loathing, apathy, emotional insecurity, oppressors, and even some of them are OK to take the life of other people or their enemies.


5 Antiheroes, 5 Journeys, 5 Precious Life Lessons

Despite all their shortcomings, they always find a way to overcome the cruelty of the world. They may have their own way and we can’t really say that it’s a wrong way. However, we can get some valuable life lessons from their character and life journey.

Here is the list of some inspiring Antiheroes in the fictional movies:


1. Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds)

One of Deadpool’s DVD cover

Deadpool is a superhero who do not follow the rules as a general superhero; very talkative, so ridiculous, love to make fun, etc. but Deadpool has an incredible fighting ability. He is a mercenary who is willing to do anything, even if it means to kill his enemies. This figure is different from the image of the superhero in general because his nature is on the threshold of good and bad.

Starting from his efforts against his cancer, in the experiments his body was damaged, but his physical ability becomes very strong. In fact, he now has an enormous regeneration ability which made him ‘invincible’. Then, he became a hit man to survive. Apart from his characters and life journey, he still fights together with other X-Men against the evil.


2. Sherlock Holmes (Various actor, including Robert Downey Jr. And Benedict Cumberbatch)

Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective character of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Holmes’ actions reflect the character of an antihero. In one of the stories, he investigated a murder without involving the police, freed a dangerous criminal from prison, deliberately located on the site of an explosion, everything of him as if to indicate that Holmes is the mastermind of major crime case.

Holmes character that is very prominent is selfish, arrogant, and sarcastic. His arrogance and characters may come from his high confidence for his intellectual abitlies. Holmes is also a loner and did not like to hang out. But nevertheless, he was a national hero who qualified in the searching field, and he is able to solve the problem in his own way.


3. Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel)

Vin Diesel in Fast & Furious

Who does not know the Fast and Furious movies? This movie is very popular and the story has a lot of life lessons. One of antihero protagonist in this movie is Dominic Toretto, which was portrayed by Vin Diesel. He was the leader of the protagonist group in the movie. He is a professional street racer and a mechanic.

In the story, he and his crew often stealing millions of dollars, performing illegal street racing, hijacking high-speed truck and often escape from the law. Until then he became an ex-convict and helped the FBI uncover and arrest felons. Behind the bad habits of Dominic, in fact, he is a protector, good lover, religious people, strong, and always put family first.


4. Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp)

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow is the main protagonist figure in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Being a pirate makes him a perfect fit for an antihero character. In addition, he also has cunning nature, deceitful to achieve its objectives, particularly liked rum and also likes to escape from problems. He looks like a drunken man and has a strange hand movement, he also called himself a lady man.

But behind it all, in fact, Jack is a great fighter, although he prefers to avoid fighting. Jack is a very good captain even too good to his crew until his crew dare to rebel. He is also willing to sacrifice to save others, especially to save Will & Elizabeth.


5. Han Solo (Harrison Ford)

Harrison Ford as Han Solo in the latest Star Force movies (The Force Awakens)

Surely you know about the Star Wars movie, right? Certainly you know also Han Solo. Yes, he is the best character in the movie, where he had a heroic attitude. But he is also an antihero character, where he has a less good behaviour.

He is a smuggler and aloof. He is also an attention-seeker, choosey pirate, and also a scoundrel. However, he is in the protagonist side. Despite having a bad moral, he often prioritized goodness. For example, he helped Chewbacca from slavery without thinking of his own life.

You can read more of Life Lessons from Star Wars Movie here.


Antiheroes are Fighting in Their Own Way

The antihero characters are unique and different from the superhero in general, where their shortcoming is highly visible. But after all, they are people who put kindness first. They may not look like that, but antiheroes are fighting for their loved ones’ sake with their own way.

So, do you know other inspiring antiheroes with precious life lessons to share? Kindly leave a comment below :)


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  1. Boss Body UK

    A very well put together post. A lot of my favourite characters are anti heroes. I beleive it brings a greater sense of realism into a story if the protagonist is an anti hero. After all, we all have the capacity to be good or bad. It’s not a black or white subject, the psyche of the human ego is much more of a gray area. Presenting an antihero, allows the viewer or reader to relate more to the protagonist. It fully allows them to get into their shoes.

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Wow thanks Boss for sharing your opinion here :) Yeah I agree with you. Nothing is really black or white, and these antiheroes are good representations of them. Thanks :)

  2. Eric100

    When I was a kid I want also to become a superhero. I really enjoying reading your article. In reality were all hero in the different way. like all the character you used in the article they’re all superhero but they have a different characteristics. Its really inspiring reading a article like this. All the best wishes to your website I know that you will become successful here.

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Hi Eric, thank you for your compliment. Yes, every hero has a different character and personality. However, they fight for people and that’s what make them a hero, whether as antihero or not. We can be a ‘hero’ too in our life :)

  3. Win Back Your Ex Comments

    You know I have seen all these movies you have mentioned apart from Deadpool.

    I never looked at it in the way you have here, and it sure shed a new light on the characters and the different methods they use to get the job done.

    Really interesting, as I always saw Han Solo as a cheeky kind of character and mostly funny, but never someone who goes against the grain.

    Out of interest, this Deadpool movie, is it worth seeing?



    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Hi Chris, you’re welcome :) Deadpool is a good movie, especially if you understand American jokes and watch it with crowds. Laughing together is what makes this movie worth watching.

      Do not bring kids, though. There are a lot of gore, violence, dirty jokes, and profanity in the movie. However, it is quite an entertaining movie.


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