Why do You need Determination to be Successful? – A Lesson from Lei Jun

Why do you need determination to be successful
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Have you ever joined an event committee, perhaps during your school time, office, or maybe your community in place you live now? If yes, was the event always went in the right direction or problem sometimes came from nowhere? Do you and your teammate want the event to be successful no matter how hard it is to overcome the trouble?

Usually, an event never went 100% smoothly. The same is true to our personal goal to success.

You may recall my previous post about the crouching tiger hidden dragon of smartphone brands in Asia. Tech companies have been growing incredibly, especially in the last 10 years. Many companies have joined the party, but not all of them survive the journey. The key to survive it is the determination.

As I mentioned in the previous post, Xiaomi has been one of the smartphone rising star brand which recently gaining so much attention from gadget mania. Founding in 2010 by 8 co-founders, Xiaomi has now dominating the market share in China, leaving other competitors including Samsung and Apple behind. I heavily suggested you to read that previous post first in order to have a better insight.

For an additional record, Xiaomi has become the world’s most valuable technology startup in 2014. This accomplished in less than 5 years since it first launched its first Android phone. Amazing result, isn’t it?

So, Who is the ‘Tony Stark’ from Xiaomi?

Behind every successful business, there’s always someone who become the source of inspiration and flowing energy to every team member. The ‘Tony Stark’ here is no other than the man in the peak of Xiaomi. Please welcome the CEO and also the co-founder of Xiaomi, Lei Jun.

Lei Jun Man Behind Xiaomi

Lei Jun is one the founding fathers when the company started their business in 2010. Xiaomi founders mostly consist of people who have background in a notable company such as Microsoft, Motorola, and Google whom also acquired master degree in their preferred field.

Unlike the others, Lei Jun the CEO “only” hold a BA in computer science from Wuhan University in China. But, it doesn’t mean that he is less capable than all his other partners. As I mentioned before, he lead the company to its success in within short period (I repeat: less than FIVE years). Some people even referred him as the ‘Steve Jobs’ of China for making several world changing companies.

Despite the fact of his educational background, his strategy in business works like charm in leading the company to the top. I’m not only talking about Xiaomi, but also Kingsoft, the Chinese software gaming company which has created various software products.

Mr. Lei joined Kingsoft in 1992 shortly after college and took only five years to climb his way up to the CEO position. He then founded joyo.com, the IT information service and download website, which was sold to Amazon in 2004 for $75 million.

So, What is his Secret Recipe for Success?

Why do you need determination to be successful

Lei Jun wasn’t always successful, but he always has determination. A determination for become a successful. This determination is not only held alone for himself, but also spread to his team.

When running Xiaomi, one of his business approach is to closely listening to the customer feedback and building a massive online community. He also keeps reflecting on himself and his former employer which play a big role in his success subsequently. He learned it from his previous experience while working in Kingsoft.

When working in Kingsoft, he got the opportunity to work with 2 giant mobile phone companies, Nokia and Motorola. There was time when he pointed out a drawback to their R&D boss. Unfortunately, though his input was recognized, they didn’t really do anything toward it.

Aside from the determination, there is another key of success that Lei Jun reveals to us. One of his key strategies to grow Xiaomi is, in short, by seizing the opportunity. His famous saying about this is ‘Even a pig can fly if it stands at the center of a whirlwind’. All of these key factors make him into top 20 of the richest people in Tech Industry, according to Forbes.

So, I ask again. Why do you need determination to become successful?

Grab The Opportunity

It should be clear to see that one of the key to his success is a strong determination. Besides, he always tries to make the best out of everything. Instead of letting his bitter experience brought him down, he chose to turn it into an excellent strategy. He also inclines to see the bigger picture and boldly took an opportunity to implement unusual business strategies which turned out to work very well. Those are the keys that lead to his successful career no.

So don’t be afraid to take a risk and walk the path nobody ever walked before. If you have the determination, and you can grab the right moment and opportunity, you may have a good chance to turn anything into the path to your success. If you want, you can try reading my other post about some business ideas to seize the Halloween trend opportunity.

Have a good read, and I welcome any food for thought.

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  1. lilywong

    This is an interesting article. I like your point of view about needing determination in order to achieve success in life. The part about Xiaomi founder is an fascinating read. He is indeed one of the most determined men in the business as it’s not easy breaking into an industry with so many strong players. Thanks for writing this. It is very inspirational.

    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Thanks and you’re welcome too :)

  2. Anh Nguyen


    This lesson is so important. Especially when you aspire to some very big goals like Lei Jun’s, you really need a lot of determinations to keep going through mistakes and failures. Because reality is likely not as beautiful as your dreams.

    This is not a new lesson but one that’s worth learning over and over.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Alexander Blue (Post author)

      Hi Anh, thank you for sharing your opinion. Determination is what we need to sustain our driving on the way to success. Lei jun’s example is a great one and glad you like it :)

  3. William Wise

    Always love inspirational success stories. To see the drive that some people have. Life can be hard at times & giving up can be easy. Yet stories like this remind us that nothing comes easy.

    Lei Jun sounds like an amazing person & a very focused person. His company is a giant in China. But do you think it will become a global giant? How long before we hear of him & his company in America?

    1. Alblue (Post author)

      You are right. Inspiring stories can give the readers more encouragement rather than some theories about how to make yourself motivated.

      I personally think that his company will be a giant in the Asia, because he may need to work very hard to compete with Apple in the Western. I’m sure he will find a way to do that eventually if he really plan to penetrate the market there, but he may opt to Asia first as the base.

  4. Ian

    Determination is important if you want to be successful and I think this also goes hand in hand with perseverance.

    Another component of success is to not be afraid to fail. We can get knocked down but if we adjust our course in life and get back up, then we can learn from our failures and get better and better.

    I think it is all about the mindset. Great article!

    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Hello Ian. You are right. Determination is not a single key to achieve success. It needs to be accompanied by several other positive factors like perseverance, courage to face the failures, and hard work.

      Yep, mindset is an important driver when you want to be success. You can read here about some dangerous mindsets that potentially hinder you from being successful. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Elma


    It is most important to be determinated and if you want to reach out for something and succeed with it. If you don´t, you have no focus, and you can´t hit the target never. I liked your content in this article, right mindset means so much if you want to succeed.
    Wish you all the best.


    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Hi Elma, wow thank you for summarize it. A right mindset is a good factor when you want to reach out the success. I will try to write about it someday. A right mindset will help your determination to keep you in the right track. Thanks :)

  6. rufat

    I think determination is the key aspect that stand behind any success and it’s especially needed when it comes to achieving success online. Online business requires tons of determination, hard work and patience. I even think that patience is the key aspect. Those that are patient and work hard achieve their goals and I know such successful business owners. I can’t say that I’m successful but I’m very close to that point.

    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Hi Rufat. Yes, you are vey right in term of patience. We need determination as a ‘driver’ to reachthe goal and patience is a ‘fuel’ to keep it running. Good thing that you are very close to the point of success :) I hope you can achieve it in the right time.

  7. Shawn

    Great points on believing in yourself and being determined.
    I have been called determined to a fault, lol.
    I really liked your article, and thanks for the link over to the Halloween article.
    I ended up taking a virtual trip of your site, lol. Nice work!
    How long have you been blogging by the way?
    Also, do you have any ideas for Christmas?


    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Thanks for the compliment Shawn. Glad you like it :)

      I’ve just recently blogging with English content. Previously, I have a pesonal blog with my native language, but it is currently inactive for a long time because of my workload.

      Oh yes, there are some ideas for Christmas too. I will post it somewhere at November :) Thank you Shawn.

  8. Brian

    Hi there,
    Though Lei Jun doesn’t have a bucket of letters after his name, he absolutely more than earned where he is today. According to your article, he’s been at it since 1992, so that large chunk of experience more than compensates than any formal education I believe.

    Determination and diligence are good bedfellows, and combined both will get you somewhere! Thanks for the post! I enjoyed it!

    1. Alblue (Post author)

      Hello Brian. I agree with you. Those ‘additional’ letters behind your name do not determine whether someone will be successful or not. Determination, as presented in the article, is one of the key factor for each individual success goal.

      Glad you like it and thanks again for additional insight :)


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